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Program-Aide (PA) and Program-Aide-In-Training (PAIT) opportunities are available, but register early -- opportunities are limited!


PROGRAM AIDE (PA), or Counselor in Training(CIT)

Girls entering 8th grade, CIT 9th and 10th grade, CIT II 11th and 12th grade. may apply for a PA position. Pas /CIT's work directly with younger girls under the supervision of an adult volunteer. Being a PA/CIT gives an opportunity to learn leadership skills and to share their expertise, knowledge, and energy with younger girls. PAs/CIT's  also serve as a role model for younger girls. Those entering 8th grade in the fall of 2020 who did not receive PAIT training the prior year will be placed in a PAIT unit, and should register as a PAIT.  If not trained at AMT the PA Directors must approve the PAIT training as our camp has many specialized trainings and we want the PA/CIT girls to feel confident in leading at AMT.


Council-sponsored Program Aide Core Training (PAIT training) is required to participate in the PA/CIT program. Training may be taken through AMT Day Camp, another approved by AMT Girl Scout day camp, Girl Scout Council, or the Program Guide and completed before camp starts.  This training must be approved by AMT Core Staff.


All Pas and CIT's should plan to attend indoor training to meet their Unit Leaders, start planning camp, and get more information about camp and their responsibilities.  Virtual 2021


The PA overnight( June 20, 2020 ) is a vital part of the camp experience! Specialization Training will be offered at the PA Overnight. For a list of what to bring to the overnight, click here. No Overnight 2021


  1. Apply to camp with the Camper Registration Form
  2. Have your daughter(must be completed by PA/CIT) complete the PA/CIT  Application Form
  3. Make Payment

If the number of PA/CIT applications received exceeds the number of PA /CIT positions available, a lottery system may be utilized to place PAs/CIT's at camp. 

For questions please contact the PA Directors at

Program Aides in Training (PAIT):


Program Aides in Training (PAITs) is a term used to identify girls who are in the process of becoming trained PAs. PAITs should be entering 7th grade in the fall of 2020 and 2021. They will participate in Core Training and leadership activities at camp to become a Program Aide. Those entering 8th grade or above in the fall of 2020 /2021who did NOT receive AMT Approved PAIT training the prior year will also be placed in a PAIT unit, and should register as a PAIT.  

NOTE: No Extra Paperwork required
If your child is entering 7th grade, she will automatically be placed into the PAIT unit once the Camper Registration is received.  If your child is missing the PAIT Training and is entering 8th grade or higher, please send an email to once the Camper Registration is completed and let us know so we can place her into the PAIT unit.

No in person orientation, In Person training 2021 and  Virtual training 2021 provided, additional training required 2022 details TBD.
Aside from the training received the week of camp, PAITs also receive Specialization Training and Orientation. You need to attend this to complete the training.  

JR. OVERNIGHT (required)-No overnight 2021
So that you may put into practice the leadership skills you have learned, please plan to attend the Junior Overnight. We understand some may be unable to stay the night. In that event, please have your parent/guardian pick you up at 9:00 pm. The Jr. Overnight is Thursday, June 25, 2020 at Mountaindale. For a list of what to bring, click here.


Click here to register! 

For specific information about PAITs, contact the PAIT director at